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Ricean Vampires

Akasha -- Played by Julien .
Enkil --Played by Enkil .
Khayman --Played by Marc .
Mekare --Played by Mery .
Maharet --Played by Bea .
Eric --Played by Matt .
Marius --Played by Mery .
Mael --Played by Chella .
Pandora --Played by Boo .
Flavius --Played by Rae .
Santino --Played by Enkil .
Armand --Played by Laurel .
Magnus --Played by Unknown- character may be avaliable .
Armand --Played by Laurel .
Lestat --Played by Laurie .
Nicolas --Played by Kelly .
Gabrielle --Played by Seamus .
Santiago --Played by Robin .
Louis --Played by Shelly .
Claudia --Played by Claudia .
Madeline --Played by Unknown- character may be available .
Daniel --Played by Rae .
Jesse --Played by Dee .
David --Played by Flower .
Baby Jenks --Played by Mery .
Sybelle --Played by Emily .
Benji --Played by Marc .
Vittorio --Played by Kat .

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