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Tally-Players -- The main egroup associated with Talamsca Motherhouse Chatroom and the entire Tally Society. (This is being maintained by Shelly.)
Legend of the Crystal. --This group is for those involved in the immortals RP at the WBS Talamasca MotherHouse chat room. This is to benefit everyone so that we can keep in contact with ideas, suggestions, and ease in contacting other players to set up times to play. (This is being maintained by Dee.)
The Legacy --Is a secret-society that has been in existence since the sixth century (500s A.D.) It had its beginnings in England, where the Ruling House now resides. The Legacy is dedicated to collecting knowledge and artifacts, solving paranormal problems and protecting mankind from supernatural evils. Over time, the membership expanded around the world. Legacy "Houses" were set up in other cities and countries. Each house has a "Precept" - a leader - that can be identified by his/her insignia ring. Dr. Marcus Sinclair is the Precept of the Vancouver House, set in a castle-like mansion. Enya Moreau, and her colleagues work under the guise of the Luna Foundation, a philanthropic institution which collects artifacts and antiquities. Together, the courageous members of The Legacy search and uncover a secret world of terror as they resolve to defend the world against evil and darkness. (This is being maintained by Julien.)

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