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WebChat Broadcasting System -- Is better known as WBS, a trademark of Infoseek Corporation. This is the largest, longest running community on the Web.
----- Talamasca Motherhouse is located in the section Arts & Entertainment under Books & Writing. It's dedicated for Anne Rice fans, those people interested in Rice's darker designs. It's primarily a RPing room, but chat is also welcomed.
----- World of Darkness is located in the section Games & Roleplaying under Roleplaying Games. This room is dedicated to those who play strictly by the White Wolf/WOD gaming system. The collection includes :

Vampire: The Masquerade
Werewolf: The Apocaplyse
Mage: The Ascension
Changeling : The Dreaming
Wraith: The Oblvion

NOTE: World of Darkness *was* VampChat before 1997.
Island Forest Chat is better known as IFC, one heck of a web chat service designed for the typical OL roleplayer. With a single email address, a player is allowed 36 handles and the opportunity to create their own room. Let's not forget the picture uploads on the first post. Rooms already created include:
----- Talamasca VampRP
----- World of Darkness VampRP
NOTE: August 1, 1999- IFC is out of service. There has already been notification that IFC will return no later than Tuesday with new improvements.

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