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Annonymous -- Tally Family (Webpage design, text and creation)
NOTE: Although this person insisted on keeping annonymous, I believe he or she deserves all the recognition in the world for their efforts on the birthday pages.
Cori --Tally Society (Biography pages, Contact pages and webpage design.)
NOTE: I originally started this page, but I can honestly say that it wouldn't be in the stage it is today without Cori's help. She's done so much for me while I've been dealing with IRL and I completely appreciate it. In fact, everything that's been accomplished on that page should be given credit to her. *nods*
Dee -- Talamsca Motherhouse FAQ (Editing and Webpage design)
Julien -- The Legacy (Webpage design, text and creation)
Laurel -- Celestials (Text and creation), Talamasca Motherhouse FAQ (Text)
Laurie -- Official Talamasca Motherhouse Homepage (Webpage design, text and creation), What is Roleplaying? (Webpage design, text and creation) Other Ricean Characters (Webpage design and text)
Mery -- Celestials (Webpage design), The Crying Game (Webpage design, text and creation), Ricean Vampires and Mayfair witches (Web design and some text),Talamasca Motherhouse Directory (Webpage Design, text and creation), Tally Society (Webpage Design)
Rae -- Ascension Detroit (Webpage design, text and creation), Paxos (Webpage design, text and creation), Ricean Vampires and Mayfair Witches (Graphics), Official Talamasca Motherhouse Homepage (assistance)

NOTE: These are a list of people that work hard on the pages you are viewing now. I have to admit that I'm making my guesses on who does what. If there is anyone else out there that deserves credit for assistance with these pages or if I am not accurate about some of this information, please let me know. These are the people to contact if you have questions or comments about a particular page. Their emails, or in some cases, the page's email is linked to their name. :-)

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